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How much does a Wedding Cake Cost…

You might be curious how a product made essentially of flour, sugar and eggs can cost upwards of $20 serving. While the cost of ingredients can be a factor, particularly when very high quality & organic products are used, the deciding factor in the price depends largely on the hours of labor involved.

For an informative look at the process behind cake pricing, see the article on our post, “What a Cake Costs” by Lauren Matthews, originally seen in Brides.com magazine.



Base Prices start at $3.50/person for round buttercream cakes
and $4.50/person for round rolled fondant.
Average cakes range between $5 to $15 per person and
depending on detail work and design, some may top $25/person.

We are always willing to work within your budget to create the perfect cake for your special day!

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