Gourmet Catering and Custom Cakes

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Designer Cakes

Cakes uniquely designed for you, with exquisite hand crafted details- limited only by your imagination!

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Custom Cakes

Cakes for every occasion, custom tailored for your happy event!

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Celebration Cakes

Sheet cakes & basic designs in all of our amazing flavors!

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Dessert Cakes

Classic & unique choices for any day!

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Traditional, custom and designer versions available in all our delicious cake flavors! Ask about our mini's!

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A cake ball or cake pop is a fully baked cake that is mixed with icing then dipped in Belgian chocolate or confectioners coating. The thin crunchy shell keeps the inside incredibly moist!

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Smash Cakes

Most birthday parties are celebrated with cake, but Smash Cake Birthday Celebrations have two, a large cake & a coordinating single serving cake just for the Guest of Honor.

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